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Leten GEN 4

Leten Yui Hatano GEN 4 is a digital masturbator which brings a whole new meaning to how realistic
and satisfying a masturbator cup can be. Using its Deep and shallow double-pressing technology,
the digital masturbator will bring you through a sensual journey, unlike anything you have experienced
before! This is because, with the assistance of adult actress Yui Hatano, the digital masturbator
stimulates a special deep and squeezing technique that replicates how having intercourse
with the actress will feel. To add to the lustful illusions, a live recording of the
actress’s voice is added to the digital masturbator for you to immerse yourself in
the wondrous world of Japanese adult videos. Pick your poison, choose between the
roles of “playful”, “seductive”, “crazy” and “horny”! You can practically enjoy the process from
seduction to foreplay to climax!

If that is not exciting enough, note that the masturbator is made of skin-like TEP material and is molded 1:1
according to the curvature and texture of Yui Hatano’s vagina. Overall, this alongside the uniquely
deep and shallow technology and live voice recording will give you an out-of-the-world experience that will not only
blow your mind…Do you think that you will be able to resist the temptation and sexual appeal of Yui Hatano?
Find out for yourself when you buy the product today!

features summary:

1)Skin-like Touch: Tender and smooth TEP material, soft and elastic, wrap tightly and has a lot of fleshy feeling, and it is invigorating.
2)Deep and Shallow double-pressing: Through the peristaltic suction of the double airbags, it simulates the special deep and shallow squeezing technique of the actress.
3)Extraordinary sexual enjoyment.
4)Sensing membrane agitation: As your piston moves, the sensor film floats up and down, enjoy a visual experience about sex.
5)1:1 Mold Channel.


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