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Leten A380 IV Automatic masturbator

  • Cannot be used during charging. please use it after unplug the power after charging is complete.
  • Product volume: ≤75DB
  • Product material: Silicone, ABS, TPE
  • Charging method: USB magnetic charging
  • Charging time: Within 4 hours
  • Use time: 45 minutes or more
  • Product weight: About 980g
  • Feature:
  • 1. Five major upgrades, new rocking piston, simulated vagina, infinitely variable speed control, large transparent window, and fully intelligent heating;
  • 2. Piston + swing, the special transmission structure simulates the movements of the waist and hips of a real person, twisting the waist and swinging the hips, and the upper position is full of passion;
  • 3. Simulated vagina road wrap, Q-elastic flexible skin-like material, the penis is held in the whole process, and the pleasure is not leaked at all;
  • 4. Infinitely variable speed control, immersive control pleasure, precise adjustment of retraction speed, speed and passion are all visible;
  • 5. The large panoramic window allows you to control and watch at the same time, and the unique design of the large transparent window allows you to enjoy the visual/tactile double crit;
  • 6. The full intelligence warms the body temperature, the constant temperature is about 39 degrees, and the whole process is hot and exciting, and you are in love with the flight attendant;
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Your privacy is the utmost importance to us. The default name on the package have not sex word(any other requirements, please send us a message), and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence, the only person who knows what’s inside the package is you!




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