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  • Brand: LETEN
  • Main material: Silicone, ABS
  • Product size: 127mm*49mm*176mm
  • Motor model: N20 motor +130 motor
  • Motor speed: 130 motor-5000 / N20 motor-10000 Sucking, vibration mode: weak-medium-strong three gears + 7 gears frequency conversion
  • Battery capacity: 850mah lithium battery
  • Charging voltage: 5V Discharge time (1 gear, 1 speed): 1.5H Rated voltage: 3.7V Rated current: ≤1000mA
  • Power supply mode: magnetic charging Maximum noise: ≤50db Users: People over 18 years old
  • Features:
  • 1. Vacuum burst suck technology, more refreshing feeling; high frequency to point strong vibration, deeper stimulation; multi-dimensional stimulation of C+G, more orgasms;
  • 2. Vacuum violent suction + high-horsepower motor, double power, stronger suction;
  • 3. Sucking faster, 5000 times/min, ultra-short air stroke + high-frequency motor sucking:
  • 4. Suck tighter, 15mm large suction mouth, 360-degree wrap, tightly containing honey clitoris, pleasure at all;
  • 5. 44.8° golden tilt angle, natural top tilt G point; 32mm raindrop-shaped contact surface, large area stimulates G point; 10,000 high-frequency vibrations, soft and straight to the bone marrow;
  • 6. It can suck and enter the body, and run at the same time when sucking and vibrating; sucking C point, shaking G point, triple orgasm, so cool that the whole body is messy;
  • 7. The outer layer is silky and delicate, and feels comfortable to the touch; the inner layer is soft and fleshy, Q elastic and powerful; ROHS EU certification, safe and comfortable; 8. One-key preheating and heating, 42℃ constant temperature; whole body waterproof, USB magnetic charging